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Kustermans Feeds & Seeds carries “The Great Canadian Dog Food” and “Country Maintenance” dog food made by Spectrum Feed Services Ltd. Spectrum’s dog food is 100% Canadian made using Ontario farmed ingredients.

The following can be purhased in 8kg or 18kg bags:

COUNTRY MAINTENANCE – 21% PROTEIN, 7% FAT This is our economically priced dog food.
22-10 CANINE MAINTENANCE – 22% PROTEIN, 10% FAT Designed to be fed to dogs in moderate exercise regimes.
26-15 CANINE PREMIUM – 26% PROTEIN, 15% FAT Designed to be fed to dogs under moderate work or exercise regimes, pregnant and lactating females, and is also perfectly balanced for puppies.
30-20 CANINE PERFORMANCE – 30% PROTEIN, 20% FAT This is a high energy diet designed to be fed to dogs in high work or exercise regimes.
23-14 CANINE LAMB & RICE – 23% PROTEIN, 14% FAT Is formulated without corn and may be beneficial to those dogs who suffer from allergies.

Kustermans Feeds & Seeds also carries “Norman’s Naturals” Dog Food – a premium formula balanced for all stages. This food cantains no: CORN, SOY, WHEAT, ARTIFICIAL FLAVOURS, PRESERVATIVES OR ADDITIVES!

Norman's Naturals Dog Food can be purhased in 8kg or 18kg bags:

CHICKEN & RICE FORMULA MADE WITH KELP – 26% PROTEIN, 15% CRUDE FAT, 3.5% CRUDE FIBRE *Note: Kelp is an extremely rich source of trace minerals. Pituitary, adrenal, and thyroid glands benefit from the trace minerals found in kelp.